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Ralston High School

8969 Park Drive Ralston, NE 68127

Phone: 402-331-7373 Fax: 402-898-3511

Ralston High School serves grades 9-12. Located in a suburb of the greater Omaha metropolitan area, RHS offers over 200 courses in 19 subject areas. The school day consists of four periods. Students earn ten credits per semester for each course successfully completed. Enrollment: 1,000.

The Ralston High School faculty consists of 80 certificated professional educators, teachers and administrators.

Graduation Requirements
Ralston High School requires its students to earn a minimum of 240 credits plus demonstrated proficiency in performance based requirements in order to graduate. Those students wishing to pursue a college preparatory program are required to meet college prep requirements as shown in parentheses.

English 35 credits (40)
Oral Communications 5 credits  
Social Studies 30 credits (40)
Mathematics 20 credits (40)
Science 20 credits (30)
Physical Education 20 credits  
Fine Arts 10 credits  
Practical Arts 20 credits  
Consumer Finance 5 credits  
Career Exploration 5 credits  
Foreign Language 0 credits (20)
Electives 70 credits  

Grading System

A – Superior 92 – 100%
B – Above average 84 – 91%
C – Average 76 – 83%
D – Below average 67 – 75%
F – Failure 66% and below

Ralston High School

Achieving Excellence as a Community of Learners

Mission Statement
Ralston High School is a student-centered
community of learners united to support the development
of responsible, productive citizens.

Belief Statements
The Ralston High School community of learners:

requires committed, active participation and support from students, parents, staff and patrons of the district.

believes each student can learn when provided a safe, supportive learning environment.

embraces diversity as an integral component of the community.

supports  high standards for cognitive and affective development.

strives to provide diverse learning opportunities in fine and practical arts, in conjunction with career exploration and applied technology.

encourages participation in co-curricular and extra-curricular activities as a means to develop communication, teamwork, and leadership skills essential for success in a dynamic global society.

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