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Dates to Know

April 1 :  NeSA Reading, Math, and Science Testing in the morning.
April 2 :  NeSA Reading, Math, and Science Testing in the morning.

NeSA Math Review Help

Things to know
  • Be sure to use the reference sheet while taking the test!  Sometimes the answers are easier than you think.  You might just need to look for the  formula and just enter the numbers for the answer. Don't miss the easy answers!
  • Here is a copy of the reference sheet that you can download and use on the practice tests below.  G11.Math.ReferenceSheets.pdf
  • You may not use a calculator on the test. 
  • You may use scratch paper and graph paper.  The graph paper can be very helpful!

RHS Online Moodle Mathematics Practice Test

The following link can be used to take the online Mathematics Practice Test provided by the Ralston Math Dept.  This test is designed to help prepare you for some of the content found on the NeSA Test.

Moodle Online Practice Mathematics Test
  • Use your google email login and password (without including
  • Practice this this online test as many times as you like! 
  • Check on Moodle to learn more about the drawing for the $25 gift card!!!! Practice your math and play to win!

NeSA Mathematics Practice Test

The following link can be used to take the NeSA mathematics practice test on Nebraska Department of Education website.  This test is not designed to prepare you for math content, but is designed to familiarize you with the the website and how the test will look.

NeSA Practice Mathematics Test (from the NE Dept of Education)
  • Go to the Online Tools Training Link under the Reading, Math, Science Icon.  
  • Then go to Guided Practice Tests>Mathematics>Grade 11 Math GPT
  • Use the login and password given on the screen.
  • While taking this test you may click on the "Enlarge" button to review your answers.

Review Worksheets

Download the following worksheets for review.  

Part 1 - Algebra 1 NeSA Practice
Part 2 - Algebra 2 NeSA Practice
Part 3 - Geometry NeSA Practice
Answer Key

Tutors Are Available
The Math Lab has tutors available every Wednesday morning from 8:00 a.m. until 8:30 a.m.

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