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Mr. Jackson

Hello.  My name is Jason Jackson.  This is my 19th  year of teaching and my second year at Ralston High School.  I will be teaching Psychology and American History.  I am also the head boys basketball coach.   

Psychology/Sociology AR Units 

1) History, People, Approaches

2) Exploring the world,Consciousness

3) The Brain

4) Development over Life Span 

5) Learning and Thinking

6) Psychology Projects

7) Motivation and Emotion

8) Personality

9) Abnormal Psychology 

10) Social Psychology


Psychology/Sociology AR                                                                                   Mr. Jason Jackson
Room B122                                                                                                          jason.jackson@ralstonschools.org

                                                                                                                              (402) 331-7373

Course Description:

This course will explore the science of behavior and mental processes.  The goals are:

·       To describe human and animal behavior and mental processes.

·       To understand human and animal behavior and mental processes.

·       To understand how to predict human and animal behavior and mental processes.

·       To understand how to influence/control human and animal behavior and mental processes.

·       To encourage compassion and understanding for all animals and humans.

Materials: (BRING EVERYDAY!)


Writing utensil



Course Expectations:


-Be courteous to others in word and action.

                  -No profanity.


        -Come to class prepared...no excuses.

        -Do your BEST!!


        -Keep your hands and feet to yourself.

        -Use property as it was intended.



        -You must be in the classroom when the bell rings or have a pass.

ELECTRONICS will NOT be allowed in the classroom. On the first offense, the student can pick it up at the end of the period. On further offenses, it will be taken to the office with a referral.


·       Exams and quizzes

·       Projects

·       Daily work (homework, in class tasks and activities, notes)

·       Participation (involvement in class, assignments turned in, following classroom rules, in class on time)

·       Grading scale:                   92-100      =   A

 84-91       =   B

 76-83        =   C

 67-75        =   D

  66 and below    =   F

·       Keep in mind that this class is a semester long class, however your grade is still final at the end of each term.

Late Work:

All late assignments will be accepted until the end of a unit. The assignment will automatically receive partial credit of no higher than a “C”. Once the unit ends, no late work from that unit will be accepted.

Make-Up Work:

Make-up work is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY! If you are gone come get your make-up work before or after school or during work time in class. 


Passes are a privilege, and only given until abused. I will only give you a pass when it does not disrupt class. You must have your passbook to get a pass out of class.  One student out of class at a time. 


Books will be checked out to students at the beginning of the class. You are responsible for your book. A book cover is nice!

Cheating and Plagiarism:

Cheating in ANY form will not be tolerated.  Your first offense will result in an automatic “0” on the quiz, exam, or homework assignment in question as well as a referral.  Additional offenses will result in further discipline deemed appropriate by the instructor and administration. Please see page 25 of the student handbook.

Please review all policies in the Ralston High School Student Handbook. All policies will be followed.

Mr. Jackson's schedule - first semester
first period - Psych/Soc AR
second period - plan
third period - U.S. History
fourth period - homeroom 
fifth period - Psych/Soc AR

Schedule - - second semester
first period - U.S. History
second period - Psych/Soc AR
third period - Psych/Soc. AR
fourth period - homeroom
fifth period - plan


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