Social Skills



Course: ST95 Social Skills

Room: A217

Phone Number: 898 - 3542

Instructors:  Ms. Duren

                  Ms. Leadabrand



Course Goals

  1. Students will learn disability awareness and self-management skills.
  2. Students will learn self-advocacy skills.
  3. Students will learn how to set and meet personal goals.
  4. Students will learn skills to better manage emotions.
  5. Students will learn accepted social, behavioral, and academic skills.

     6. Students will learn of emotional intelligence.



  1. Participate in discussions and role-plays.
  2. Contribute to the progress of the group.
  3. Arrive to class prepared to work.
  4. Demonstrate respectful behaviors toward all, in all environments.
  5. To try.


Grading Policy

Students will be graded in three categories and following a rubrics scale:

ASC strategies (active listening, B day prepared, application outside class)

Behavior strategies (on time to class, attitude, respectful),

Class activities (participate, work with others, on task). 


Grades will be reflected as percentages and follow the RHS grading system:

A – Superior                  92 – 100%

B – Above Average        84 – 91%

C – Average                           76 – 83%

D – Below Average         67 – 75%

F – Fail                          66% and below    


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