Classroom Expectations


¡Bienvenidos a Español con Señora Plugge!


Ralston High School Mission

  • Be Respectful
    1. To each other and to me – words and actions:absolutely NO bullying, respectful of others thoughts, ideas and traditions.
    2. The school property and my belongings.
  • Be Responsible
    1. ALWAYS bring binder with paper and pen or pencil to class and other course materials.A return to locker is a choice for a tardy.Pencils may be borrowed if available.
    2. Check the Spanish Lesson Log in Google Docs each day for current and past assignments.
  • Be Safe
    1. Be aware of personal space.
    2. No sitting on tables, standing on chairs, bouncing off of walls, running in halls, etc.
  • Be There
  1. Be on time to class.Be at school.You can’t learn Spanish from home.
  2. Focus on the task at hand!Be in the moment!


Supplies:  To be successful in this Spanish class, you will need a 3-ring binder (used only for this class) with a set of 5 dividers and paper.  No text books are checked out to you so this binder IS YOUR ONLY REFERENCE and you will be expected to bring this binder, along with a pen or pencil to class every day.   


Grading:  The standard Ralston High School grading scale is used by the World Language Department.  Summative assessments will comprise 70% of your grade with formative 30%. These assessments will be comprised of tests, quizzes, projects, and homework assignments that will gauge your ability to speak, read, write, and recall vocabulary in Spanish and discuss the cultures of Spanish-speaking countries. 



Homework will be assigned 3-4 evenings each week.  The completion of homework is essential to success in this class!  Homework will be recorded for completion and writing assignments will be graded.  This allows me to assess if you understand the material as well as if you are putting forth the necessary effort. 



Participation:  Active participation in class will contribute to your grade in multiple ways:  oral and written assessments, and participation stamps.  By participating you are able to earn stamps on your stamp card.  Stamps are earned in a variety of ways:  winning in-class games, practicing communicative skills with me before or after school, helping other students, etc. 


For every 8 stamps earned, one percentage point will be added to your term final grade.  Stamp cards will not be replaced if lost or stolen.  You will start each quarter with a new, empty stamp card.  Stamps are not carried over from the previous term.


Late Work:  If you have a planned absence (school activity, family trip, etc.) you are expected to take the preassigned test or submit assignments in advance or on the day it is due unless previous arrangements have been made.  After an unplanned absence, tests and quizzes must be taken within one week of the original date.  After that time, 50% credit will be given for make-up tests.  Assignments are due the number of absent days plus one. 


Other Details

Food/Beverages:  I don’t have a problem with little snacks and clear beverages. I do have a problem with spills and trash.  I reserve the right to cancel this privilege at any time.

Retakes:  None.  Due to the cumulative nature of learning a language, you will have the opportunity to show what you know in future assessments.  Study the first time and get help before the test if needed.  Ask a friend or I am available before and after school, during 1st period and Homeroom.

Electronic devices:  I don’t want to see or hear them unless I have given permission.  If I see them, I will take them and keep them until the end of the block.  This includes use of earbuds/headphones.

The Student Handbook policies and procedures will be followed.  Read it!    


Sra. Kristie Plugge

Spanish Teacher








Fall 2014

Señora Plugge



I have read, understand and agree to comply with the classroom rules and policies of Señora Plugge for the Fall semester of Spanish class.



__________________________________________________       __________________

Student signature                                                                            Date




I have read and understand the classroom rules and policies of Señora Plugge for the Fall semester of Spanish class and will expect my student to comply with them. 



__________________________________________________        ___________________

Parent/Guardian signature                                                                       Date







This form is to be signed and returned to class by Monday, August 19.  Completion will be recorded as a homework completion grade. 


Thank you for your support!  I am looking forward to a fun, rewarding classroom experience where all will learn more of and about the Spanish language! 


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